Healthy and Easy Appetizer Recipe

Healthy and Easy Appetizer Recipe | CarolineFIT

Want to make something for yourself, your student athlete, or dinner party guests that has protein, veggies, and low carbohydrate? This appetizer is yummy and nutritious, but skips the empty calories and unhealthy fats. 


1 can of Tuna  |  120-180 calories (depending on brand) 

2 Tbsp of Light Mayo or Veganaise  |  70 calories

1 Tsp of Mustard per cracker  |  5 calories each

1 Orange/Red Bell Pepper  |  35 calories

6 Mini Cherry Tomatoes  |  18 calories 

Everything Baked Crackers  |  10 calories each

Caroline's Tuna Snacks | CarolineFIT


Mix the tuna with light mayo or veganaise.

Slice tomatoes and peppers. 

Spread your tuna mix on your crackers.

Add a little mustard on top of each, and top it with your sliced tomatoes and peppers!

Yum! That comes out to about 56 calories per cracker (serving 6) with less than 2 grams of fat each!!! Now that’s an appetizer/snack to be happy about!!! 


Have you been using my A to Z Plant Nutrition ebook? Well, inside we outlined the key benefits of more than 80 fruits and veggies.

In this recipe we are including tomatoes which have lycopene which is believed to support bone health! They also have a compound called alpha-tomatine which is believed to help "kill" cancer cells. Plus when tomatoes are eaten raw they have lots of vitamin C content. 💪

Also, tuna is a great source of your omega-3 fatty acids, which we talked about in my recent post on How To Keep The Winter Blues Away

Post a pic of your version below. 😊 (Food photography isn't my specialty... so I'd love to see your photos!)

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