Hello friends, family, clients (new & old), colleagues, trainers, moms, yogis, gurus, experts, who ever you are...

Welcome. I am glad you are here.

This site is here for you. This is me, digitizing, so that I can offer myself to you in a more accessible place. I am culminating my years of knowledge and experience in health and fitness into this beautiful website that my team has built for me. This space will continue to evolve, just as we all do.

Building your dreams and a business I've realized is very much like training. At any given time, we have a foundation of skills, experience and resources that can help support us through our next challenge in life to achieve goals we've set for ourselves.

I believe fitness can be the best medicine, cure, for anything and help us all grow, be better individuals, calmer, more productive, kinder, less stressed, and so much more - no matter where you are in life! I have clients that range from 10 to 83 years of age!

That being said I have focused my first online program to teen girls. I have many as clients and because this was a time in my own life, while active in dance, gymnastics and cheerleading, that I struggled. I hope to help all girls in my program become strong confident women who enjoy and love fitness for what it does to their mind and body. I want the girls in my program to be armed against the negative aspects of social media and this era of photoshop and filters, so that they feel empowered and reassured of their inner beauty and power.

For the past few months, I have been developing a program putting together a series of interactive modules with videos on topics ranging from self-love, to body-confidence, meditation, nutrition, healthy eating habits, and healthy relationships. Plus, I've filmed some awesome workout and strength training videos on the rings and on the mat. So here it is, CarolineFIT, coming soon!

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