Her parents joke that she was swimming before she was walking. True or not, Caroline's passion for fitness has been lifelong. As an active kid, she loved to dance, do gymnastics, and was involved in theater. As she grew, she also came to enjoy weight training, aerobics, and step.


After college, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting, where Caroline first launched her professional career in fitness. Teaching all types of classes and eager to attend every training offered, she fell in love with chasing her best self and motivating others to do the same. Movement and exercise was such an instrumental outlet for all of her creative energy. Outside of teaching, she also did fitness modeling for gyms, magazine and clothing lines - and while in LA she had the opportunity to appear on fitness spots for TV channels like NBC and ABC. 


Upon returning to Seattle, Caroline's career continued to boom, getting involved in fitness events for The American Heart Association, DanceSkin Triathalon's, Seafair, and did a bit of modeling for Nordstrom. 


She has been blessed to have trained with and amongst some of the top fitness professionals in the world and taught on schedules in LA at Equinox with Petra Kolber & Jeffrey Scott. Caroline also teaches classes at Google and some of the best fitness clubs in the Pacific Northwest.


Today, Caroline continues to challenge herself to find new ways to inspire and help others on their journey toward greater fitness and wellbeing. Her favorite aspect of her work is being able to help her mentees and clients achieve their own goals in becoming fit, strong and confident individuals. 


Caroline's favorite workout is on the Olympic rings. She says, "It is such a fun format I have developed over time and I just love sharing it with others because it is so empowering. It makes you feel so strong and there aren't many things more fun than flying through the air."


She especially loves teaching the rings and yoga to women because she recognizes how challenging it can be, and how it important it is, to be a strong and confident woman in today's world.


With this in mind, in 2018 Caroline is officially launching her first ever online program, designed specifically for young women. Inside this exclusive program, her mentees will have access to personalized guidance, live-coaching, and a wealth of educational resources on nutrition and the foundations of a healthy lifestyle. In addition, her students will benefit from a supportive peer group, on-demand yoga classes, and step-by-step instructional videos, teaching them how they too can rock on the Olympic rings.




What' do her students think...

"She's full of happiness, and always makes you want to workout."
"She's really fun, and the workouts are always energetic!"
"Caroline's Vinyasa Flow classes are my favorite. You feel so relaxed and strong afterward."